Magazin.: Ships and Ship Models

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Die Fachzeitschrift Ships and Ship Models aus dem Verlag Percival Marshall Publications, London, England erschien monatlich.

Redaktor: E. F. H. Cosh (1954)


  • Heft Nr. 77, 05/1954: Bericht: The New Royal Yacht, Bericht: The "A" Class Sharpie "K.N." and How to Build Her, Bericht: Royal Recognition for Model Making, Bericht: Model Yacht Building in Italy


  • Heft Nr. 05, 01/1932: Bericht: Model of an Australian Wool Clipper Ship "Mary Penhale", Bericht: The Colouring of Old-Time Ships, Bericht: The Hamburg-American Liner "Columbia"


  • Heft Nr. 01, 09/1931: Bericht: How to Build a Model of a Dutch Admiralty Yacht", Bericht: Elements of Model Steamer Design - Propellers, Bericht: The New C.P.R. Liner "Empress of Britain"